About Bill Angell



I founded Angell & Company in New York City in 1979 as a consumer research and consulting firm for large enterprises.

The firm was enormously successful and, in 1988, I semi-retired to be a full-time Dad.

In 1998, while consulting, I started receiving requests for help on the subject of the new “Internet”.

An Advisory Board Unlike Any Other

Very interested, but knowing nothing about the subject, I invited the Internet business owners from Citibank, Marriott, MetLife, and The New York Times to a meeting in New York.

At that meeting, it was obvious there were no consulting firms knowledgeable about the Internet.

Nor was there any trade press. Nor conferences.

There were two agencies who could handle large accounts. That’s all.  Just two.

So, that day, we decided to form a community of companies where all would share their Internet knowledge in return for the collective knowledge of the group.

My role was to organize and facilitate the flow of information by connecting decision-makers with peer experts who could answer their questions.

Before long, senior executives from the following companies [among many others] joined my unique peer consulting community;





















































































































































































































































































I’ve cut way back now. Guess I’m a “boutique” now.

Fine with me.  Don’t want to be a factory.

But I still have what many have said is “the best Internet Rolodex in the world.”

I don’t know if that’s the case, but it doesn’t cost you anything to explore the possiblity that I can help you.

You can reach me at Bill@Angellco.com or by calling me directly at [617] 721-9220.



This is a typical meeting. Execs, not in order, are from the U.S. Postal Service, AARP, Motorola, Sprint, Velux, Armstrong, Royal Caribbean, HP, American Airlines, the Nasdaq, Harley-Davidson [and others who you can’t see.] I’m seated at the head of the table in a blue shirt and with clasped hands. This meeting was held at the corporate offices of Royal Caribbean in Miami.




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