Angell connects executives with its proprietary network of Experts who help them with their most pressing problems.

Get quick answers.

If you need quick answers to a specific question/issue, Angell will connect you with vetted peers/experts.

Members become friends who help each other for many years.

See how peers handle problems like yours.

Sometimes you just need to see how peers handle identical problems. Angell will facilitate an online meeting of non-competitive peers who will share with you what's worked for them and what hasn't.

Gain a network you can call on for years.

Angell will recruit a Council of executives who will meet monthly to discuss mutual issues. The Council will consist of 6-10 members who share their knowledge in exchange for receiving the knowledge of the group.

Get experienced, objective advice.

Consultants try to sell you their next project. Tell you anything you want to hear.
Colleagues always have an Agenda.
There is no more experienced, objective advice than that of peers.

You'll be connected in the most efficent manner.


Councils usually consist of 6-10 Angell Members of your choosing who -- with Angell facilitating -- meet online usually monthly for an hour.


Angell will interview our Peers/Experts -- on a one-to-one basis, or an online Focus Group -- if you wish to remain anonymous.


Angell matches/introduces you to non-competitive Peers and Experts who can answer your questions by phone, online, or in-person.

Leading companies trust Angell.

How it works.


Contact us and we'll discuss your issue/problem/question.


We'll mutually develop a Plan and give you a cost estimate.


We'll execute that Plan and connect you.

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